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How it Works


Step #1

Sign up local restaurants for waste cooking oil collection using the Biodiesel 4 Schools business model.

Step #2

Collect and convert waste cooking oil at aggregation facility.

Step #3

Material is ready to be made into biodiesel or sold on the spot market until biodiesel production is up and running.

Step #4

Biodiesel is produced and can be used to power local school bus fleets, city vehicles and equipment. This fuel is sustainable, emission free and used locally.


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Commitment to Change

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Sustainability is best defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. The B4S licensing agreement is a model for sustainable economic development in your community.

B4S creates a new, circular economy by collecting waste cooking oil in you community and then turning it into biodiesel for the school buses. This closed loop model creates economic impact with the creation of a new industry in your community keeping a valuable commodity local.

B4S reduces the carbon footprint of your community by burning biodiesel in the buses and improves air quality for all of the stakeholders of the community. Job creation for the chronically unemployed has a huge positive impact.

B4S promotes sense of community by creating positive PR for restaurants participating in the program and by creating a sense of community pride by making locally sourced biodiesel to help fuel the school buses.